Gift-Giving Referral Etiquette

If someone gives you a referral, how do you thank them so they keep giving you more referrals? 
Gift Tower

Do you know that giving them a gift may make the difference between them making another referral or not?  

It doesn't have to be something as elegant as this tower (unless of course the referral was worth a lot to you), it can be a handwritten note, a small token of appreciation like some delicious chocolates.

The concept of gift-giving seems like a bribe, but giving personalized corporate gifts now and then actually helps build and strengthen a business' relationship. 

Corporate gift giving is actually quite common. Our company, Gift Basket Villas helps with personalized gifting by adding a company's logo, name of the company or salesperson or other identifying information so that the giftee remembers the giver. In this way, instead of just giving a cup with your logo, it's a beautifully wrapped gift that leaves a lasting impression.

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