Rental Gift-giving

From welcome gifts, lease renewal, ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ to ‘Thank You’ for your service for your maintenance team! We do the work and free up your time to better serve your residents. We can help you attain your goals resident, employee and customer satisfaction in unique ways.
Maintain the highest standards and stand out from the crowd with:
    Prospective Residents - send a small token to stand out from the rest. Almost guaranteed to sign a lease!
  Welcome New Move-ins - show new residents that you appreciate them with essential move-in day needs.
  Encourage / Reward Lease Renewals - choose a gift for your most valuable resident - a renewal!
  Resident Appreciation - gifts to help retain your residents,

Say welcome to your new resident on the first day, send resident appreciation throughout the year with small tokens, remember them with seasonal gifts and don’t forget to leave a small gift for your maintenance team when they do immediate or emergency service requests. We can always customize our gifts for your special themes or needs. We can also include a personalized greeting from your staff; brand your gift with your logo, phone number or names of personnel.
Special Promotions – we can help you create unique promotions.

 Gifts for Locators/Business contacts - keep your property foremost in their minds with a thoughtful gift. can start at $5.99 based upon styles, contents and materials for design.

  Maintenance Team - increase your statement that service is your specialty
  •  Small Thank You gifts will be well received and appreciated.
 §  Employees - reward your hard working staff with a gift. 


Move-In Gift Baskets - can include a variety of products.

Make a great first impression by welcoming your new residents with style! You’ll discover move-in gift baskets for your community that is sure to be enjoyed. Our apartment welcome baskets come completely assembled and are ready for gift-giving.  We can give your apartment community that extra special feel! An ideal move-in or lease renewal gift that lets them know your community is special!

Sample of contents of Resident gifts from

A simple, yet stunning presentation of
  • bottled waters,
  • snacks,
  • cookies,
  • nuts, and
  • candy.

Move-In Munchies - $10.50

Everything needed for munching on move-in day with assorted ribbon colors.
  • snacks,
  • chocolate chip cookies,
  • nuts,
  • cracker snacks,
  • candies, and
  • beverages

Resident Welcome! $12.50
When they are wondering where to find something, they will be delighted to find that you have provided them with practical solutions –
  • toilet tissue,
  • laundry detergent,
  • a dishcloth,
  • facial tissues,
  • trash bag,
  • re-usable wipe,
  • dishwasher detergent, and
  • Two bottled waters.

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