Gift Basket Etiquette

Whether you are giving a gift basket as a condolence to a friend or a thank-you for a client, here is everything you need to know about the etiquette of giving gift baskets.
  • Choose a basket appropriate for the event or occasion. For example, a wine gift basket may be suitable for a wedding or anniversary but probably not as a get-well or sympathy basket. Most online offers product categories with themed-gift baskets suitable for that particular occasion. 
  • Consider the preferences of the recipient and select one that reflects his or her personality.
  • Look for gift baskets that emulate the relationship you have with the recipient, whether it is a business, platonic, or romantic bond.
  • If you are sending a basket to a location other than an office or residence – such as a funeral home, hospital, or school – make sure you check that they can accept such baskets prior to sending it. 
  • If you are sending a corporate basket, check with the recipient’s company concerning its gift policy, if applicable. When it comes to sending corporate gift baskets around the holidays, keep them as ethnically and religiously impartial as possible to avoid possible offense of your recipient.
  • Avoid sending any gift basket that could potentially embarrass the recipient or be misunderstood.
  • While wine gift baskets are popular, especially as hostess or wedding gifts, ensure the recipient does not have any diet or religious limitations in regards to alcohol. A personalized beer gift basket may be appropriate for a loyal client while a spa gift basket may be misconstrued by your assistant.

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