Referral Pop-By gifts

Pop-By Gifts!! This is a hit for referrals.
op-By Gifts will help you:
• Create and Cultivate a deeper relationship with people inside your database 
• Keep in the forefront of your client's awareness of your services 
• Ask for and receive referrals when you visit them and after you leave
• Stay on top of the pulse of your customers needs and wants
The Plan – 
Options that work best with your style.
• Make a list of the people whom you would like to serve and receive referrals from. 
• Map out the locations where these people live and/or work. 
• Break the map into natural groupings of addresses and Pop-By one quadrant at a time.
• Prior to visiting, you may want to call the clients you plan to visit.
• While visiting during the Pop-By, ask for referrals.
• Once you arrive, stay standing and limit your stay to less than 10-15 minutes.
Fit Pop-By in while traveling to and from your other destinations.
• Keep a supply of non-perishable Pop-By items in your car so you are prepared for 
spontaneous Pop-By

• Do your Pop-By to your client's place of business to reach more people and create excitement 

Perfect for marketing, staff appreciation, or just because: we can fill with sweet, savory or both, plus your own personalized message!

Referral Gift: $2.99 ea. Or 2 for $5.50    
Customize these gifts!

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