Gluten Free, Low Carb, Low Sugar All-Natural Ingredients.

We are expanding into healthy foods! I am doing QC and taste test, will share pictures! How would you finally like to purchase healthy gift-baskets! I am excited about this new venture.

In addition to the fun and delicious products that Gift Basket Villas offers, we are now expanding into the health foods area and are committed to providing some of our products as good eating choices for the health food store customer who is committed to providing their friends, family and customers with healthy eating choices.
Gift Basket Villas is also dedicated to bringing quality foods to market not previously available to the general public for purchase, including 

• low carb flour blends,
• low carb milk blends, 
• low carb sugar blends, 
• low carb syrups,
• sauces, frostings, 
• seasonings, 
• rubs, 
• potatoes, 

Gift Basket Villas will be offering limited products now but adding more in the future of specifically designed foods for all types of diabetic & low carb programs including
• pre diabetes,
• type 2 diabetes,
• diabetes mellitus type 2,
• insulin resistance,
• impaired fasting glucose,
• impaired glucose tolerance,
• borderline diabetes,
• high blood sugar,
• adult onset diabetes,
• type 1 diabetic dietary programs and
                                     • pre-diabetic diagnosed desiring to make dietary changes 
before the onset of type 2 diabetes.

We plan on catering to the low carb individuals recognizing that a low carb lifestyle and reducing simple carbohydrates could result in weight control and management. Gift Basket Villas is committed to providing these healthy, low carb food products and choices to the health conscious consumer. Look forwared to additional product efforts in the future.

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