Finally - Healthy gift baskets!

I needed to go find it myself! 
How many people do you know have health concerns, yet when we try to find healthy gifts, it's so hard to find. So many times I need to grab something to eat and can't find anything so end up eating something that I know isn't good for me. I've been searching for healthy 'fast foods' and have finally found it and am now including them in my gift-baskets so that others have the option to get themselves or their loved ones gifts that don't increase insulin levels, foods that are all natural, diabetic friendly and no sugar! Sugar is poison to most yet it is in almost everything we eat.

I have been waiting a long time to find truly healthy foods that I can offer in my Gift Baskets. Companies are finally embracing the new era of health and including products and baskets suited for special dietary needs, low sugar, all natural, diabetic friendly or gluten-free foods. The new gift-baskets are more sophisticated and many are made by designers, artists who can express their creativity in so many different ways. 
 All Natural

It’s not too difficult finding a basket for any common occasion on any gift-basket website and any one of us can place snacks in cello with a ribbon.  However, a good gift-basket company goes out above and beyond to find specialty foods, create gourmet gift baskets specific to an occasion, dress up baskets with personalized keepsakes and to make them more specific to the occasion, the emotion and essentially to pull at the heart-strings of the recipient. It doesn't have to cost much and yet it  creates and will continue to create life-long, continual and lasting relationships infinitely.
Hold the sugars and Carbs Healthy Foods

Gift Basket Villas is now offering products now but adding more in the future of  specifically designed foods for all types of diabetic & low carb programs including:
 Low Carb·       pre diabetes,
·       type 2 diabetes,
·       diabetes - type 2,
·       insulin resistance,
·       impaired fasting glucose,
·       impaired glucose tolerance,
·       borderline diabetes,
·       high blood sugar, adult onset diabetes,  type 1 diabetic dietary programs and pre-diabetic diagnosed desiring to make dietary changes before the onset of type 2 diabetes.
We now cater to the low carb individuals recognizing that a low carb lifestyle and reducing simple carbohydrates could result in weight control and management. Gift Basket Villas is committed to providing these healthy, low carb food products and choices to the health conscious consumer. Look forwared to additional product efforts in the future.

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