Referral Marketing is like Fishing or Dating

Referral marketing can be easily compared to fishing or dating. Depending on what you're looking for - a large number of fish, a big fish, a lot of dates or that one date that lasts a lifetime,  you use a net or an online dating website to gather as many fish or dates as you can. 
Referral Gift

When it comes to referrals and networking, luck is where targeting, research, patience and perseverance meets with opportunity. There are no coincidences about referrals and especially repeat referrals. Repeat referrals happen because you've laid the groundwork. They are the final outcome of the activities you have used to  build long-lasting relationships.  
The final results can be dramatic. 
Referral 'drop-by'
Let's just use nets to make it easy to understand. You think about casting the net to increase your chances of catching not only a large number of fish but possibly a few big fish. You target the area you'd like to throw the net in, to optimize your chances and in an area with that type of fish known to be in that area. You throw your net and bring it in and eagerly look for the number, the type and the size of your haul. The fisher(wo)man should not only concentrate on casting the net on one path for one fish but increase the chances of getting that one fish by gathering as many as possible and then using previously set criteria to determine what to keep and what to throw back. 

What are the odds of that huge fish ending up in your net? If you hadn't done your homework, the odds are against you. Let the process work for you - set your criteria  and work it. Determine the type of fish you want to catch, where that fish hangs out, how big it is, what time of day it comes to feed, the odds are pretty low that you'll catch the fish you're looking for but with a little practice, persistence and innovative thinking, it can be yours.
Referral marketing, even giving some artisan chocolates can make such an impact and may seem random but it's a system that works well because uses the complex connections that exist between people in everyday life and in business. Companies (and Daters) can benefit from the referrals, but are still clueless when it comes to referral, networking and the opportunity to catch that big bass or that great date. The process and results of referral marketing are easy to measure and can directly correlate to the techniques above. Use this system and process as it is one of the proven methods to create new business, reach out to new customers and find that big fish/date that didn't get away.

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