Sailing Expedition in the Cyclades, Greek Isles.

Under Sail: The Greek Isles

"Sprinkled across the Aegean Sea and steeped in ancient mythology, the Cyclades are some of the most spectacular of Greece's many isles. Here, fishing boats cast colorful reflections in azure waters, whitewashed villages cascade down lavender-dusted slopes, and craggy headlands are punctuated by ancient ruins."

 Our sailing expedition to the Greek Isles included seven fun-loving women, including the 1st Mate, Fedra Fou, and.... 

One Cool Captain.

We flew into Athens, then sailed from Laviron to Kythnos, Serifos, Paros, Syros Mykonos and back to Athens.

This was by far one of the best vacations I've had the pleasure of going on.
The Dolphin sighting was so exciting and I was glad that I had my camera ready when they were spotted.

This port was postcard pretty. I must have taken 25 pictures of the same scene, I so wanted to take it back home with me.

Two of the adventurous women on the trip - Pennie and Dara.

Fedra, imitating the clouds.

Pennie - Dolphin Sighting! So exciting.

Brother and Sister - Salvador (Capt. Soti) and Fedra . They were an amazing crew. Handled that boat like it was a toy. Fedra was also a great dancer. She taught us to enjoy movement  on the white sand beaches in a gorgeous blue watered little cove while Capt Soti played the drums off in the distance. A beautiful, haunting memory.

Women Sailing the Greek Isles

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