What type of gifts to buy that are Unique and reflects my Appreciation?

Gifts that will be appreciated:

Sometimes we pick out a gifts that we know will be used and appreciated. 

Sometimes it would be a lot more memorable if it's unique, functional AND and memorable!

Illuminated Wine Bottles

How much more fun could our new hobby be? We get to drink the wine and recycle the bottles into the beautiful glowing night lights.

Gerry and I are having a lot of fun creating these adorable  illuminated wine-bottles. 

We were in a winery one day (the wine was pretty bad too) in Southpoint, NC and fell in love with them. After taking a close look at them, we decided that we'd be able to make them ourselves. 

http://www.giftbasketvillas.com/illuminated-wine-bottle/    #giftbasket   #memorablegift   #giftideas   #winebottle


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