Teaching our girls to be self sufficient.

A gift for my niece:
This gift-basket was given to my niece for helping with creating 'drop-by' gifts to promote a home inspector's services. It has worked so well that he had to stop advertising because he can't handle any more business right now! 

While my niece was so happy for the goodies, what my niece doesn't realize yet, is that I'm giving her an advantage in life, skills to carry her through tough times, if she needs to make some extra money in college or waiting for a "real" job

What I'm attempting to teaching her so many skills: design, marketing, and incentive rewards. She can take these skills into her adulthood. We need to teach our young that they can be anything they want to be, to just follow their passions and to be the best they can be.  are so important in business. How many of us have used a company because a friend or family member who has used a company and had great service. 

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