Should I make my own gift baskets?


Do you ever create your own gift baskets? It really can be a lot of fun and making the bows can take a bit of practice but you can do it. Even though I own a gift basket company, I am more than willing to teach others to make their own because whether you’re creating your own handmade gift, or purchasing a ready-made basket, it can give you the feeling of satisfaction and puts an amazing smile on the recipient's faces. This is what I love to see. If you're doing it yourself, there are a few things to consider before you go shopping and some pre-thought will ensure success.

Is this someone who will pampering herself with a glass of wine in that bubble bath?

Then pick a basket filled with
  • Her Favorite wine
  • A great book
  • Spa products, 
  • A luxurious new bathrobe.

Is the basket for your for your friend who loves to entertain?

Then fill it with tons of awesome gourmet products.
Is it for someone who has an amazing green thumb? Then choose some gardening products. One of my favorites is a garden hose that you can use as the container. 
You have two options when it comes to gift baskets – create one yourself, or buy a pretty pre-packaged gift set. Sometimes you will find that buying all those products can be more expensive than buying a pre-made basket since we purchase these products are wholesale with a small mark-up. 
Remember that you’ll also have to
  • purchase a basket or container, 
  • filler to hold items in place, 
  • wire or skewers to help place small items, 
  • ribbon and decor, 
  • cellophane or tulle to wrap around the package.
Those costs can add up, so something to consider.


Since a bigger business can buy supplies in bulk, sometimes you’ll find that it’s a much better deal – and less time-consuming – to purchase a pre-made basket at a site like this fun basket for Mom, Dad or, like me, anyone who loves toolboxes

an Organic Fresh Fruit & Wine package, sure to be a hit.

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