Why do I deserve a gift -basket or anything for that matter?

You Deserve it! 

Have you ever paid attention at commercials that feed into our ego? Listen carefully and you find yet another commercial which claims that you deserved something - a product to get me get all to get me a luxurious life, to be pampered, a free gift, vacations of a lifetime, expensive car, a bill of goods... because "YOU deserve it." deserve it?

 Our mere existence entitles us to benefits!

Shouldn't we have to do something to be able to claim that we deserve a reward or a prize? Do we get a pay check if we work? Those people who make less than a dollar a day in poverty stricken countries, those who have terrible jobs for minimum wages .... don't they have a right to argue they deserve more?

This type of thinking that our mere existence entitles us to  benefits seems to be an  predominant attitude. But what makes us special?

Why do we not deserve to be in uncomfortable conditions? How do we justify that we "deserved" not to be subjected to life's unpleasant surprises, natural disasters, not to be president?

The idea that we are entitled needs to be revisited. We need to be grateful and thankful for what we have been given. There is no way anyone in the industrialized world deserves the life (s)he has and those in third world countries deserve the kind of life they have. We need to be grateful for our  immense blessings, for the rewards that we did not earn, and to enjoy what we have without the constantly thinking that we have been cheated or denied something we were supposed to be given.

Our attitude should be from a higher place, a place of gratitude.

Being alive and in a free world should not be the justification to deserve what we have and how lucky we are, acknowledge that we are blessed by opportunities, friendships, others giving to us, help from others, by circumstances, by pure luck and byperfect timing. Being in the right place at the right time, being born in freedom, with friend, family, relationships we have worked hard to sustain and that we deserve.
Where did the 'me' generation get the notion that they deserve anything and everything?

Teachers say the X-gen students think that they deserve an 'A' because they showed up and took the test, they deserve a good grade for just being in class? If parents are paying $50,000/$100,000 a year tuition, then our children deserve "As "or even the chance to be President of the USA with a C average.

Our attitude should be from a higher place of gratitude. Take time to be enjoy  the beauty of nature, the simple pleasures in our lives nurture friendships, help someone, giving - that's what life is about and you will then "deserve" the fruit of your bounty

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