What are some free 'Mom's Gift' Ideas?

 Gifts for her

Most mothers are quite easy to please when it comes to gift giving. A great mother's day gift idea if you don't want to send a spa gift basket is to write a beautiful poem or (if you're not good at that), just a note from the heart, have someone recreate it in calligraphy and then place it in a lovely, simple frame. Through words and memories we can create great feelings and joy. 

Here's an idea that will mean so much and show how she's influenced others especially her kids, through the years which doesn't cost anything (and one that will really warm her heart ) is to ask the kids to write some memories from childhood.  Be specific so they have some guidance. Include things which they learned from their Mom, trips they've been on, holidays memories such as baking cookies, bike riding, a day in the park, any girl-to-girl (or son) time. There are so many  from which to choose. It will make her feel appreciated like nothing else can.  

The  notes below are precious memories from my nieces and nephews which was done when I was baby-sitting in 2006. I sent this to their Mom recently and she loved it. Her son still believed in Santa! He's now a teenager.

You know your mom best what  are your Mom's hobbies or enjoys having some pampering, you could always get her a Mother's Day gift certificate for manicure, facial, massage, or any of the services at a beauty salon.  

How about something that would really mean the world to her and they're practically free:
  • Walks in the park with her
  • Just you and her time
  • A girls day out - do lunch in the park 
  • Bike riding, 
  • music festival (so many free ones). Check out Leaf.com
  • visiting the zoo
  • taking her out to a special lunch or dinner would make a great gift.
Not every present has to come in a gift box with a bow so think outside the box!

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