We all love to open surprise boxes in the mail, don't we?

A Box in the Mail

Do you love to open a box that comes in the mail?

Some of the best experiences in life are those little boxes we receive in the mail. When was the last time you received one? Me? I get so excited that I can’t wait to open it. It’s like a little like Christmas morning, especially if it is not expected. 
In this age of instant gratification, this is one simple way to can make people feel cared for, thought about, and that they really matter in your life. You get back so much for such a small token of surprise. My nieces are so excited when I send a box of goodies. I think it has even made me the favorite of 5 aunts! And it costs almost nothing to make them feel special and that I'm thinking about them. 

 Thinking of You Gift BasketsSend a small gift, a gift-basket, a box of popcorn and a movie, or just some potato chips, and some candy. You’ll have them smiling from ear-to-ear. Can you see it on your kid’s face or your siblings kids? I can, lemme tell you, I get all the calls and texts that they never generally seem to have the time to send. I get to talk with them about what’s going on in their life, get to do impromptu surveys on them - I ask them what kind of candy they like, what do their friends like, what’s popular in school. I’ve learned that I need to be specific with them or all I’ll get is ‘Uh huh”, “IDK” or “cool”. One thing I know for sure, they love opening boxes. 

If you translate this to the corporate world and build relationships: 
  • Help someone feel special, 
  • Build customer loyalty 
  • Create a bond with the important folks in your life.
  • Build those relationships

Do you want to know why this time of year is perfect? It’s because nobody else is doing it now. They’re all waiting for the holidays, but this will make you stand out from the crowd,a way to be in front of them. This will make you the “Bestest Aunt” (from the 4-yr old),. I heard this said before and it is so important - your customers don’t get up in the morning thinking about you, you need to get in front of them. Get them thinking about you. Exceed their expectations and surprise them. They will remember you when it comes time for your service or product.

Surprise Someone Today! People love to open boxes. It’s the perfect time to 

Surprise Someone Today!

 We promises...they will remember you.

We all love to open boxes, don't we?

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