Which is more important, your presence or presents?

It depends!

Giving an experience, a feeling of warmth, a chuckle, a laugh out loud moment leave a lasting impression.

So, what do you give your friend or family who has everything or someone going through a tough time?

When a friend or family member already has everything or is going through a tough time, a great gift idea may be as an experience. This doesn't have to cost a lot. It can mean so much more  and can last a lifetime. 

However, if you can't be there, a gift with a personal touch can be truly meaningful; maybe something engraved, embroidered, or otherwise designed specifically for your loved one.  Just put a little extra thought and effort into finding the perfect gift. 


Are you looking for gifts that are different? Something that will make your friends laugh out loud or create a good feeling, maybe even get teary eyed when they receive a gift from you? Do something that leaves a lasting impression. A gift idea for a close friend or family member who has cancer, may be an offer of service,  to be a point of contact so you can help screen visits or offers of help. 
It almost always happens that right after a patient announces their diagnosis there are many who want to help, visit, call, drop by with food or gifts, but the person with cancer is probably extremely overwhelmed at this time and may prefer some quiet time and space. Offer your help to make this time easier for them.  Someone going through chemotherapy will most likely be too overwhelmed to ask what they need; don't be hesitant to take the initiative by offering specifics, instead just saying to let you know if anything you can do. 
 ChemoYou can even suggest places to get beautiful breast cancer or chemotherapy gift baskets that will leave a smile on their faces.  Remember to also be there later on, be it months after the diagnosis, when everyone has gone on with the  lives,  your friend/family member will still be struggling and needing logistical help - transport, groceries, snacks, friendship and emotional help.  
 SPAWhen you can't be there in person, you can still let them know you are thinking about them. A unique gift idea for your loved ones who may be in nursing homes, and family who may be going through some tough times may be a gift basket that is designed to help them 'feel better' during their treatment or extended stay at a nursing care or rehabilitation facility. Even a crossword puzzle or a great book would be welcomed to take their mind off things for a while.
Christmas gift for Dad 
You can make him laugh out loud or shed a tear at your hilarious, sentimental or thoughtful offering.  Online shopping is so easy now, why not send a gift where he will remember you every time he plays a game of golf?  Christmas gifts  that will remind him, for that moment in time, of what a special person he is in your life. 

Busy men out there struggling to come up with gift ideas for the lovely women in their lives or for a daughter that they would love to delight. It's easy to go the normal everyday route of elegant jewelry collections, home decoration, or something impersonal but how about a carefully chosen spa gift basket filled with pampering items will be received with glee on any occasion.

Express your heartfelt sentiments at any time of the year and don't pass up the opportunity to let them know how special they are to you by inscribing their name on their favorite hobby item; from golf gift baskets to custom throws depicting the faces of your family, there are so many wonderful gift ideas that you may find it hard to settle on just one.

Browse the internet for gift collections by occasion, price, or personality to make your gift shopping experience easy. Take the stress and frustration out of shopping for any upcoming holiday without battling the crowds, and find gifts ideas for your loved ones that they will treasure for years to come. Inspire smiles by sending or creating the perfect presents under the tree.  
Just like the song "I'll be home for Christmas" let your presence be with your friends and family,  in the presents that you send home and the nostalgic memories.

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