5 Easy Gifts & "Gift Baskets" for the Guy Who has Everything.

Guy Gifts

So, what do you give the guy who has everything? We'll cover 4 simple and a list of other interesting options.

Let's start with the Simple:

These you can make yourself. You'll need to know what he likes to drink, snacks he enjoys and with Super Bowl coming up, this will be a hit.
All you'll need is a bow (so easy to  make, I'll have to demonstrate in another blog) or just buy one from the craft store, though this drives the price up a little.

1. Just make him a cake!

This one is so easy and you can do it with any beer he likes.
Just wrap a bow around it! How cool and easy is this!
 Gift Basket
2. Forget those heart filled boxers please! 

,Unless he's really mushy. Get him a fishing kit using a tackle box or ice chest. Just add lots of cool toys from the fishing section of your local store. Click on the this guys picture for an idea on how to make it look.

3. A Six Pack.

Use a 6 pack container and add all types of drinks and snacks.
 Snack Popcorn Gift Basket

4. Again, just either make a bow or buy a great big bow from your local craft store.
This will probably put you back 20 bucks and he'll love it, guaranteed!

Take him to the local brewery and pay for a flight of beers or two.Another guarantee he'll love it.

5. More Profound Guy Gift Ideas and may cost a bit more:

If you could afford it This will leave a lifetime of memories and a lasting impression
When a friend or family member already has everything, an experience lasts so much longer than a tangible gift. Also, a gift with a personal touch might mean the difference between a boring gift vs something truly meaningful; maybe something engraved, embroidered, or otherwise designed specifically for your recipient, you prove that you’ve put a little extra thought and effort into finding the perfect gift. 
  1. Adventure Tours: Check Hike Bike tours of Europe.
  2. Donation to charity of his choice
  3. Hot air balloon ride - if he likes heights
  4. Cooking class - in Italy!
  5. A 'Stay-cation' - a lot of people don't visits sites close to home (check out museums, restaurants, and tourist attractions)
  6. Tickets to the Theater or other event
  7. Class - Look for local classes - Photography, design, any class he may enjoy 
  8. Whitewater rafting - go with him so you can enjoy it too.

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