Super Bowl 50 - The Golden One.

2016 Super Bowl Commercials are soon going to be here. 
I look at the game, so I don't miss the commercials. Thus far it seems that 41 brands have announced their plans to advertise during Super Bowl 50 (aka Golden Super Bowl)  one of the biggest day in USA sports – and for those of us who are more into the TV commercials, we can't wait for the great ones.

Do you know that it appears that these 41 companies paid CBS a minimum of 5 million (that's over $200M, if my math is correct) per 30 seconds to over 100 million eager viewers! I guess the advertisers must believe that those dollars are worth it. 
As the excitement builds in the short time that remains before Super Bowl Sunday, here’s a look at everything we know so far. 

Here’s a look at the full bar of beverage choices that will be paraded before us come Super Bowl Sunday.


No more puppies? That’s right. The big news this year is that the 2016 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial does not feature any adorable puppies. Why? Because despite their popularity, they don’t sell beer! Budweiser, in fact, went with an entirely different route. This year, they created a PSA against drunk driving, starring a very sharp-tongued Helen Mirren. The hashtag? #GiveADamn
Need one last puppy fix? Here’s Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII ad:

See Time's Everything you need to know link below:
Odds: The Panthers are favored by 4.5 points with the over/under set at 45 points.
Halftime Show: Coldplay will perform and be joined by BeyoncĂ©. The two artists recently collaborated on two songs, “Hymn for the Weekend” and “Up&Up,” for Coldplay’s latest album.
Commercials: The cost of a 30-second advertisement is $5 million.

I like this one: 
Colgate created the following Super Bowl spot. They released #EveryDropCounts, their official Super Bowl ad, on January 27th. 

Food: It’s estimated that Americans will eat 1.3 billion, or 162.5 million pounds, of wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

Better be ready with the snacks:
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