We believe the best gift is a lasting memory.

Our Story

There's a special kind of magic that happens in a place where all rivers come together, in my adopted hometown. It holds a special place in my heart. The diverse culture from other like-minded transplants to the friendliness of the locals who are open to change. There's a deliciousness in the foods as we savor the local fare. The sunshine seems to be a divine order with an almost constant and amazing blue sky and puffy clouds. It creates boundless conversations and it offers the kind of exciting atmosphere we can't stop talking. The kind that continues into nostalgic moments, that lasting memories are made of.  

 GiftDon't get me wrong, it not paradise but more than just a location. It's a state of being while you're here. The fruits seem fresher, the food tastier, the scenery is lush and serene. It's an atmosphere where everyone is laid back and enjoying being in the moment in this wonder place Eckhardt Tolle calls this Earth School. I am so happy to be in this class, in this school, in this place and time. Every day feels like one worth celebrating, an almost guilty pleasure that somehow we have found our little undiscovered corner of the world  that I want to remain a secret.  

We love nothing more than welcoming our guests, helping them discover like we had, the tiniest little pleasures, the hidden gems and the intangible friendliness of the earth, sea and air. We feel we have the passion, the knowledge and experience o make it all happen. 

We help maintain and create friendships through gifting, because we believe the best gift is a lasting memory. Making memories by giving is easy. No more cold calling, people look forward to seeing you and ultimately is their need to return the gesture. 

We've been creating value-prcedelegant and personalized gift baskets to consumers and businesses while, of course, doing the tough job of quality testing the chocolates, wines, cookies, crackers and cheeses. We've been lucky to share in many tasting events, during our journeys, we've met some amazing people, entrepreneurs and some of the most interesting self-starters like ourselves. These relationships have allowed us to truly partner with all food, wine, baked good, confection, baskets and beverage experts, creators and distributors. 

Be confident that your friends and family will receive a gift that they will enjoy and  the opportunity to share an experience that may just be, the best gift of a lasting memory. 

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