Mother's Day - Things Left Unsaid.

Things Left Unsaid
My Mother passed away on Christmas Eve.  If your Mom is still alive, I hope you take this nudge to tell her all the things that need to be said.  I am one of seven kids and each one of us had a different relationship with her. I think we all knew she loved us. 
My Mother had a tough life and yet was one of the strongest woman I knew. She also gave me the strength I see in myself today. I am the person I’ve become because of all the gifts she has given me. 
  • Strong
  • Competent
  • Interesting
  • Fun (Ok, that’s from my Dad)
  • Financially savvy.
  • Independent, sometime to a fault.

A Woman in Transition
I have been successful in a tough field for over 26 years but am now a business owner and feel this is what’s been missing in my life. The focus of my business is to help others keep their relationships going through gifting. Study after study show that giving, whether material or emotional, results in long term loyalty, friendships and connections.

Things You Should Think About Saying.

I should have told her how important a role model she was for me, though I do remember not being complimentary to her when I was younger and thinking she should have done everything differently. What I didn’t understand was that she had very little options and choices.
It’s sad that we wait until it is too late to recognize and acknowledge all the things we should have in our youth. We just don’t seem to ‘get it’. Now that she’s gone, I realize how much of her I admired. 
Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late
I’ll never be able to say these things to my Mother but if your Mom is still alive, this is your chance. This isn’t just a Mother’s Day thing, but should be for anyone in our lives that we take for granted will be there.
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