Realtors/Salespersons - Have You Heard of Inexpensive Drop-By Giffts for Marketing?

What are Drop-By or Pop-by gifts?

They are simply a small gift given to clients face-to-face.  
  • No longer need for cold calling.
  • These gifts ensure you're are a welcomed sight.
  • They are intended to deepen your relationship and provide an oppurtunity to connect. 
  • Most people add a catchy line with the gift to make it fun, memorable, and ultimately for inexpensive marketing purposes to promote their business.  
  • They can become a favorite part of your business.  
  • Each is done by hand, customized to the clients requirements including:
    • Name
    • Company
    • Phone #
    • Email

 Pop-by Gift for Realtors, Contractors, Bankers, Insurance Agents.

If you are a realtor, you may be a follower of Brian Buffini and you surely know what a pop-by is. 
Pop-bys are simply a small gift given to clients.   
They are intended:

  1. Deepen your relationship with your clients.
  2. Give you a chance to chat with your customer.
  3. Use a quirky memorable tagline so that your clients laugh and remember you. These catchy tag lines are attached to the gift to make it fun, memorable, 
  4. Help to promote your business. 

Pop-bys radically deepen the relationships you have with your clients and the referrals you receive.

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